About Arcadia

Italian Equine Breeding Center

Have you ever wondered about what is behind the birth of a future athlete?

Care 24/24 and Breeding

Childbirth Care and neonatal intensive care unit. After birth the foals are breded, fed and better prepared. Foals orphans are the same opportunity, thanks to our nurses.

Excellent expertise

Proven experience about infertility in the mare, Semen collection from stallion,  Artificial insemination of the mare.

Handling international Champion and top-class sire

We handled stallions like Varenne, Red Rocks, Viking Kronos, Sakhese’s Secret and Athletico.

Dr. G. Romano

Dott.ssa Giovanna Romano

dvm, dipl Ecar

Board Specialist at the European College of Animal Reproduction, in the Equine Subspecialty.
Dr. Romano, one of the founding partners and owner in 1998, is deeply involved in breeding industry. As a doctor in veterinary medicine, she coordinates a staff o co-worker managing with particular attention the reproductive pathologies in mares and stallions.

Veronica Yael



Dr. Romano deals with equine breeding of the racing horse since 1988, when she experienced in Ireland for three consecutive breeding seasons in the thoroughbred industry as an assistant in Rathbarry Stud. She follows the growth cycle of foals starting from birth to the eighteenth month of age, when they are presented to the auctions. Graduated in the faculty of Turin (Italy) in July 1989 with a thesis on the Ultrasonography in the Mare, she coordinates the Foaling Unit and the Intensive Care of the Newborn as well as the Diagnosis and Therapies of the Reproductive Pathologies of the Mares and the High-risk Pregnancies.

She also follows the Stallion Unit and the Semen Collection and freezing procedures for the artificial insemination programs, taking care of the Frozen Semen’s importation and exportation.

Co-author in many international publications on a new Assisted Foaling Technique and on the Embryo Transfer, and invited speaker in the Italian Equine Reproduction Conference, Dr. Romano is the Scientific Coordinator of the Centro Equino Arcadia: a unique spot in Northern Italy for students and new graduates training on the base of the EEU requirements.