Equine veterinary breeding services

Arcadia Veterinaria GIOVANNA ROMANO
The veterinary team of ARCADIA Equine Centre is coordinated by Dr. Giovanna Romano (graduated in Turin, board certified at the European College of Animal Reproduction in the Equine Subspecialty in Vienna, with decades of experience in Ireland and Italy), which has a particular focus and proven experience in equine reproductive problems.

Foals and mares in Centro Equino Arcadia
ARCADIA Equine Veterinary Centre is the Cascina Bruciacuore in Villafranca Piemonte. The farmhouse is the setting of natural harmony for mares, foals and stallions here who enjoy a constant and vigilant care by a professional staff always present.


Attendance at birth, Dr. Giovanna Romano, Centro Equino Arcadia
Attendance at birth

The late term mare is followed and monitored with modern technology and assisted during the birth of the foal.

Insemination of the mare, Centro Equino Arcadia, Dr. Giovanna Romano
Insemination of the mare

The center has the know-how and equipment to perform insemination of the mare with cooled or frozen semen.

Embryo Transfer Centro Equino Arcadia, Dr. Giovanna Romano
Embryo Transfer using local recipient mares

Optimization of fertility for mares with reproductive problems or mares in athletic carrier.

Care of the newborn foal

In this delicate phase we are present to facilitate the adjustment to the outside life e and to prevent neonatal diseases.

Assistance in the development of the foal up to 18 months and preparation for the auctions

Control needs and growth, proper conformation, managing the interaction with human.

High-risk pregnancy Management

Prevention of abortion and perinatal pathologies.

Training programs

Collaboration with the Faculty of Veterinary and Agriculture of the University of Turin, for the training of undergraduates students, Training of grooms and horse management students through stages of horse breeding in the stud farm. Research projects open in several areas.

Stallions training and Fertility Tests

Training stallion on a phantom, Evaluation of semen quality.

Freezing and storage of semen

The semen is frozen in 0.5 ml straws and insemination doses of 8 straws with an average concentration of 1 billion sperm cells par dose.