Dr. Giovanna Romano

dvm, dipl Ecar – Centro Equino Arcadia

Giovanna Romano e Varenne

Veterinary service for VARENNE – 14 years – (IT VIDEO)

Academic Qualifications

Graduated from the Veterinary School of Turin University with a Degree Thesis on “Diagnostic Ultrasonography on the Reproductive Tract of the Mare” in July 1989.  November 1989, admission to National Board of Veterinarian no.To1157.

November 2002,Vienna, ECAR Diploma (European College of Animal Reproduction, Equine sub-speciality) January 2005: Member of ECAR Credential Committee.

February 2011: joined the EAEVE list of experts.

Professional Activity

Equine Practice with specific interest in Reproduction and Neonatology

Student externship in equine reproduction April March 1988 in Rathbarry stud, Fermoy, Co. Cork, Ireland.

1989 – Full breeding season Internship at Rathbarry Stud.

The veterinary staff is in charge of managing mares for natural breeding and perinatal and neonatal care (about 300 foalings /season).

1990-full breeding season employed at the Rathbarry stud as resident vet.

1991-1999.  In full charge as Head Veterinarian in the Standardbred farm: Allevamento leFontanette, Turin, Italy. The farm operates on artificial insemination and cooled semen shipping. peak achievement 550 mares inseminated. The large numbers of horses requires disease prevention measures, a well-equipped laboratory and an in-house unit for medical (neonatal) emergencies.

1994-Semen Cryopreservation Unit operating (INRA method)- More then 400 ejaculates from different stallions are frozen. The frozen semen is shipped and/or inseminated in multiple insemination centres in Italy, Germany, Sweden and Finland. In the same centre about 100 mares/season are bred artificially with frozen semen, with over 85% pregnancies over an average of two cycles.

1999-foundation of Centro Equino Arcadia, a referral centre for equine reproductive and neonatal problems. Arcadia deals with high-risk pregnancies, induced parturition, intensive care of foals, artificial insemination with frozen semen, embryo-transfer, infertility problems etc. with particular emphasis on the use of ultrasound. It has a new, fully- equipped laboratory and stallion unit to operate in the field of semen cryopreservation and high-tech reproductive technologies.

November 2000 affiliated to Select Breeders Europe (quality control system).

Canine Semen freezing.

Foaling induction with low dose oxytocin protocol (published)

Embryo-Transfer facilities.

Semen collection, shipping, freezing and banking and import export.

2010- natural breeding thoroughbred station and management of internationally recognised thoroughbred stallions.


Publications in Journals and Proceedings

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Three years of embryo transfer (et) in the mare

vincenti l., bucca s.§, cabianca g.¨, falomo m.e.©, nervo t., romano g.§

Dipartimento di Patologia Animale – 44, Via Leonardo da Vinci  – 10095 Grugliasco (To) Italy.

*Paternal origin of the X chromosome in a 63,X Italian Trotter mare (JABG-10-0209) has been submitted by Dr. Lisa De Lorenzi to the Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics.